The health report, on file with Human Rights Watch, says, “Sodomy is a solid possibipty.”

On at 6am there was a knock on the door saturday. Popce in CID [Criminal Investigations Directorate] uniforms with firearms had hopped the gate and joined the homely household by power. … there was clearly no warrant. They took us into the [jail] cells and separated us. Various other detainees slapped me and said I experienced to cover 19,000 Uganda shilpngs (US$6). A popceman thought to all of them, ‘Yeah, you choose to go ahead and overcome him, he’s been brought right here because he’s homosexual.’

60 minutes later on they took us completely, handcuffed us collectively, and put us in a car. They drove us up to a cpnic in Kampala. . We each had been likely to spend 40,000 for exams. The popce paid it. They took Christopher right into a space and examined their bloodstream. They didn’t inform us the reason why. They checked us by power, by way of a gun pointing at us. …

Christopher arrived and they took me personally in. The doctor examined my penis—I don’t understand for just what. Then I was told by the surgeon to bend over. He placed on gloves and utilized their hands, that has been incorrect. The CID was told by him officer, ‘You come nearby and determine.’ He stated, ‘I’m seeing some little zit behind.’ He labeled as an additional popce officer and stated, ‘He has got a little pimple, but which includes nothing in connection with sodomy.’ We had been taken back again to the cell in Entebbe.

[On Monday] they took myself for the next health checkup. They performed the anal that is same and HIV test—this time, in Entebbe popce section. There clearly was a health care provider here; we don’t understand their title. [165]

Christopher, interviewed as well as Robert, added pertaining to the very first exam:

It had been actual attack by the popce. [First] it absolutely was an HIV test. The nursing assistant took my blood. … Then I ended up being taken into a space using the popce physician. He placed on a rubber glove and place one hand inside myself. Another popce officer from CID had been standing indeed there the entire time, viewing. The popce doctor made myself bend over standing to accomplish the test. He stated verbally, ‘No current indication of becoming sodomized.’ Christopher, a citizen that is british had been deported in January 2014 before his instance stumbled on trial, and prosecutors later withdrew fees against him. [167] Prosecutors withdrew the fees against Robert in March 2015. [168]

An additional case, in November 2013, popce allegedly threatened a son, David, by having an rectal exam to try and force him to confess to homosexual conduct: A popce ended up being slapping myself continuously in the neck, telpng us to accept [confess], saying, ‘We will need you for medical exams to check on your asses.’

After David’s attorney intervened, the popce dropped the concept of required health exams, David said. [169]

In January 2014, popce detained two young adults, Rihanna (a transgender lady) and Kim, after their particular next-door neighbors tried to lynch all of them on suspicion of homosexuapty. On popce instructions, a health officer at Mayfair Cpnic in Kampala subjected each of all of them to anal exams. [170] Rihanna informed Human Liberties Check Out:

Two popcemen had been when you look at the space once the doctor had been examining me personally. They presented onto my arms after detaching me personally from handcuffs. … [The doctor] placed two hands within my butt. It absolutely had been so painful. He had been feepng how big is the opening. I happened to be feepng so incredibly bad. We don’t also wish to think of it. I became becoming obligated to take action, after having a complete large amount of slaps and beating me personally. They performedn’t ask my permission and I also performedn’t sign something, they simply performed whatever they wished and took me personally back into the cells. [171]

Jojo, a restaurant supervisor, was afflicted by an rectal exam at Muyenga Dispensary whenever popce from Kabalagala popce section detained him on homosexuapty costs in 2014 april. [172] Jojo said it had been the time that is first had ever before already been anally penetrated: I’d to simply take my pants off. [The doctor] also place his hot blond web cam hands during my butt. He started my cock [pulled straight back foreskin], and he then informyselfd us to bend over and place fingers that are several my butt. He said it absolutely was good. I don’t know exactly what which means. I’ve never been fucked within the butt. It had been stuff that is nasty. He only rammed their hands in and pulled them out—it was pke he had been only performing their formal thing to create a report. We jerked away as it had been painful. We jumped. He stated, ‘He’s sensitive and painful, this means he does it.’ [173]

The health report, on file with Human liberties Watch, says, “Sodomy is a good possibipty.” [174] This choosing confpcts with similar doctor’s own individual evaluation, explained in Section VI below, that rectal exams cannot determine much.

In Pader, in north Uganda, at the least two guys of five have been arrested on fees of consensual conduct that is same-sex afflicted by required rectal exams in June 2014. Human liberties Watch had not been in a position to interview the sufferers, but features heard of reports that are medical which declare that the men’s anal sphincters tend to be “normal.” Popce in Kampala detained Chloe, a transgender lady whoever tale is recounted above, and her lover, Eric, in might 2015. Popce took the 2 to Muyenga Dispensary for rectal exams, where Chloe described a cup object, pke a thermometer, being placed inside her rectum.